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A sort of comprehenivish biography.

Welcome to the ongoing saga of the legendary Amazing Spacefrogs now entering their 40th -year.

Continuing their reputation as one of the Northeast’s premier live bands. The band have appeared on the front cover of countless magazines and fanzines and are now venturing out to new areas spreading the frog gospel to all and sundry with the band has a repertoire list of over 40 songs they can cover all bases live, whether it be two sets pub club/show or stripped down full on high energy original material set.

The dust cast over England from the great drought of 1976 was not only due to the lack of rainfall, the music industry was also barren. Helped by the gap-toothed Pussycat rubbing the waters of the Missippi into the gaping wounds. Something had to be done. 1977 was that annas mirabilis, the Queens Silver Jubilee year (is she still alive?), this was the birth of what was then " The Spacefrogs", their first gig at The Wellington (Middlesbrough) was eventful, homegrown first-generation punk in a starved world…. the Spacefrogs were seminal in the North East punk movement.

The infamous Middlesbrough Rock Garden (now the Arena) was their "support stomping ground",
the upstaging of established acts started with none other than The Cure, and with fantastic local support frightened off major acts including the Angelic Upstarts, The Rezillos, and The Fall.

 What have the band got on offer at the moment?

We see the release of the EP “Take The Strain”

First recording with Kev!


We took an age recording this, blame Hoggart. it was finished off at 27d Productions and released on Nilbymouthrecords

Keep reading for the rest of the story!

Before Kev (not exploded yet) there was a “Spider”

2011 in steps Spider from Snideremarks.

End of 2008 New sticksman Ian Williams of Cage of Soul, P.I.G and Ardkore fame steps into the drum position. Good luck to Andy Mac in all his drumming ventures.

In early 2007 they got sorted with Andy Mcdermott. All set for world domination again.

Enter Mike Tester Drummer Extrodinare a pro drummer for years Mike works with Steve and said he would help out till they get sorted.

The backend of 2006 Craig throws in the towel so the hunt for another stick's man is on.

2004 The infamous "Teessiders" was released on the 21st Feb.... about 10 copies left!!!

2005 Back down to a four piece a BIG thanks To Shaun M for all his help while bassing, Good times had by all. The live album finally released.

2003 Sees the release of "Balls to Christmas" sells out it first pressing in less than a week!! The whole project from an idea in the pub to writing and recording to manufacture took about 5 days.

2002 Steve has a daft accident they end up back as a 5 piece with new member Shaun Macphisto taking over bass duties!!

2001 saw a live album was recorded at The Studio Hartlepool.

By September 1999 Jonno was moving into more radical groups, and Craig was keen to step back In ..… drummers eh!, with Craig back more songwriting and gigging later (several house purchases …and a wedding)

The four-piece (Fab Four) sound was crafted, culminating in the 1999 EP Talk Show. The path leading to this release lost the long-standing drummer Craig, (he took a wrong turn and ran into cupid), the path led past a pizza shop luckily manned by Jonno, who just happened to be an alive drummer. The Talk Show single gave the band a more polished sound, featuring "Mr Thumbprint Head", "I Should Be So Lucky", "Come On Feel The Noise", and the title track "Talk Show", based (loosely ….. M' Lord) on The Jerry Springer Show. Recorded and mixed at Castlegate Studios (Stockton on Tees).

August 1997 sees the recording of the first bonafide LP "Don't Tell Me Mam", recorded and mixed at Oblivion Studios (Stockton on Tees)…. A must-have for any fan. The pressure of stardom took its toll, Dave Gregory (bass) decided to leave and concentrate his efforts in "P.I.G." on a guitar with more strings. Steve moved onto his weapon of choice bass guitar, giving Paul Tattersall free reign on lead guitar, Craig Lester on drums, and Bugsy (best not give him too much work) on vocals.

1994 sees the first of many gigs with the rejuvenated Spacefrogs supporting Hugh Cornwell at Middlesborough Cornerhouse. Then gig gig gig gig,

Dave Johns Gig Boro Town Hall

1993 the little fella starts pestering local band "Riot Act" to let him get up and sing, the band don't agree. However he gets up anyway, but to the relief of all, he falls off the stage breaking the new lighting rig at the Georgian Theatre (Stockton) in the process. Anyway like a bad rash he won't go away and ends up convincing Riot Act to be his backing group for a one-off "Frogs show". At this point, Bugsy starts collaborating (that's in the songwriting kind of way), with Steve the bass player in Riot Act.

1982 - 1993 Bugsy goes on one hell of a black n (That's Getting drunk ALL day for the uninitiated)

1979 sees the release of the "Dirty Habit" EP featuring the songs "Norman and Jeremy", "Nuns of Destruction" and the legendary "Necrophilia" The EP ended up being banned by the BBC after appearing on John Peels show (God knows why!). Five Hundred copies in 3 weeks - not bad for a first release, now a sought-after EP among collectors worth in excess of £250 for a good copy.


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