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2015 Stockton Fringe (Fringe) festival.

Sadly one of The Frogs favourite haunts is no longer a live music venue. Still a canny boozer mind very different though and as we know all things move on. This was a suitably raucous evening with a great turnout! We have the whole show that just requires editing anyone out there wanna go?

Who's on Holiday Again!

Never one to stay still! Hope you all have a lovely weekend! Luv n hugs Bugsy!
A little light relief on a Tuesday (After a Bank  Holiday) It appears this is sometimes in the set! Don't forget to subscribe for lovely subscriber-only goodies!

Smallfry DIY - Gateshead

Well, that was a shed load of fun! Firstly, as Kev did not finish work till 18.00 and our set time was around 16.00 we thought it would be a case of having to bin the gig. However, the lovely people organising moved us to the 20.30 slot. How nice is that! Bugsy’s missus Linda did a video which is pretty good. We shall throw up some photos when some appear ha ha!